Our Teachers

Our teacher is knowledgeable, prepared, and even a great communicator. classroom encompasses all the strategies a teacher deploys to organize and arrange students, learning materials, space, and use of classroom time to maximize the efficiency of teaching and learning. This helps students enjoy an organized, structured environment with an emphasis on a positive educational atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

Name : Nahid Islam 


Name : Saika Binte Azmal

Electrical & Electronics Engineering ( BS EEE )

North South University

Name : Mahbuba Siddiqua                    Jyoti


Name : Sumaiya Arzu


Name : Sadia Afrin
Name : Mousomi Rahman                    Maya

Bachelor of Arts in Music.
M.A in Folk Music
Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University

Name : Subarna Sarker

BBA: Northern University Bangladesh
MBA: Northern University Bangladesh
B.Ed: National University

Name : Farhana Biswas Tania

Workshops & Trainings on Teaching from various institutions

Name : Meher Nigah
Name : Habiba Sultana Trina

Bachelor of Art in English (major in Linguistics)

BRAC University

Name : Ishak Hossain

Equation of Masters
Explanation of the Quran
Arabic literature course
English language course.

Name: Khandaker Jamiul                     Hasan Shanto

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
Bangladesh University of Professionals. (Running)
Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
International University of Business Agriculture & Technology

Name : Nondita Paul Nipa
Name : Jahanara Taznina                     Orin 
Name : Trapa Chakraborty
Name : Sanjida Ara Bithe
Name : Rawnak Jahan 
Name : Souriya Binte                       Karim 
Name : Jakia Papri