Well-equipped library

Something the students at NICE School and College need not worry about since our library is digitalized and access at any time. NICE School and College has a digital library, a repository of information, books, archives, research papers, audio and video educational content ranging from history to literature to the sciences, social sciences, and everything in between.

A multi-dimensional supply of countless books, the library can be accessed easily through the portal. The E-library of NICE School and College is stocked to the brim with all the information a student would require, including fiction, nonfiction, and educational content.

Here are a few features of the digital library:

  • Round-the-clock access –
    Our digital library is open to access whenever our students, teachers, and other staff members required to access information. The library has no time restrictions and thus can be made use of whenever one wishes regardless of day and time.
  • No physical constraints –
    Not limited by storage space or physical boundaries, the digital library is abundant in information and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Multiple access –
    The digital library can be accessed multiple times in a day, without any restrictions on the number of books to be issued. The same resources can be issued and used by multiple patrons at the same time.
  • Easy accessibility –
    The library can be digitally accessed through handheld devices, desktops, laptops easily by a simple login procedure, making it readily accessible whenever information is needed.
  • Books and information of multiple domains –
    Our digital library is highly equipped with encyclopedias, research papers, books, magazines, nonfiction as well as fictional books from multiple domains and is well stocked keeping in mind the requirements of children as well as teachers.
  • Easy to navigate –
    Unlike traditional libraries which are stocked with thousands of books in multiple racks and therefore difficult to navigate, a simple search in the search bar can take you to the exact resource you need in seconds, and help you find more in no time. The interface is highly user-friendly; therefore, navigation becomes very easy.

Our digital library is a hub of information, specifically curated, and created to meet the needs of our students and help them access all the information they need regardless of the situation.